The Onion remedy for Cold and Flue treatment- Does it work?

I know its not your first time hearing this and you even tried it out at some point in your life. The say if you catch a cold or a flue all you have to do is just slice an onion into rounds and place them on the bottom of your feet and put on a pair of socks. Go to bed and by the time you wake up you will be in perfect health. Ever tried it? They say placing sliced raw onions in your room as you go to sleep is known help absorb germs or rids the air of toxins but some research studies claims there is no scientific evidence to really support that. However, some research studies showed that slicing onion and soaking it in water for about 6 – 8 hrs then drink the water can actually help cure cold, cough, high fever, sore throat and it even boosts immunity. Mixing onion with brown sugar or honey, leave it for some hrs before drinking the liquid produced also has a similar effect.

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