Health Benefits of Tarragon

Imagine hearing this announcement -Attention citizens, you are only a ‘Tarragon spiced meal’ away from attaining full health. Wouldn’t you all rush to buy the meal? If you are already growing it, this will be like sweet music to your ears. As we all know when demand exceeds supply, prices tend to rise and you can now profit from selling it. Well, this is just a fantasy but it doesn’t change the fact that tarragon has some real potential health benefits and this article is going explore that.

All over the world, diseases caused by inadequate diet are increasing dramatically and people are turning to herbs and spices for nutritional supplementation and tarragon happens to be one of the most important herbs to consider. Like any other herb, tarragon has been known to have strong anti-inflammatory potential. According to Kauschka (2012), tarragon has traditionally been used in digestive disorders as a stimulant of the appetite. It has also menstruation regulating properties. In some cases, tarragon has been used as antihelmintic, and as an anesthetic for aching teeth, sores and cuts.

This infamous herb can help decrease blood sugar by improving insulin sensitivity and also improve sleep and regulate sleep patterns. This would be the perfect herb for you. Give it a try in your back yard garden and let us know how you are doing!

By Lynette Simango


KAUSCHKA, M. and BURKARD, N., Russian Tarragon–A spice plant and its health potentials.

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