Staying Hydrated Is a Must, Especially on Hot Days.

The brazing hot weather hasn’t been kind to humanity. We have always been reminded to stay dehydrated by taking lots of fluid, water especially but sometimes the thought of drinking water can be boring. Tasteless, you call it, but helpful and your body needs it to stay hydrated, health expects would remind you. You should always be motivated to drink H2O religiously and lucky for you the body always has a way of telling you it’s time to drink water but as you age your thirst sense becomes less acute. Is drinking water only when you are thirsty enough to keep your body hydrated? I don’t think so.  It’s only when a severe headache kicks in that you realize you need more than just thirst to drink water. Here is how you can always up your game and make drinking water much easier.

Set an alarm as a reminder. Yes, an alarm and make sure every time it goes off, your water bottle is with you. You might be reluctant to actually drink the water just because you are not thirsty but remember, your body needs it the most. You can even flavour it by adding lemons, oranges, strawberries or herbs. This way you will enjoy it more. In this 21st century, investing in a high-tech bottle that connects to your smartphone and records how much you drink would, be a smart move. Don’t let your body down. Stay hydrated!

By Lynette Simango

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