Lets Talk Dental Health

One of the most painful things is to develop oral infection. It can be embarrassing as well as its cause is linked poor oral hygiene. It affects how you talk, eat and even smile. In worst case scenarios, your face might even get swollen. When you have a bacterial infection, signs are as follows- bad breath, bitter taste, persistent pain, loose and sensitive teeth, swollen and inflamed gums, neck glands, mouth ulcers etc. Of course, you need (It’s a must) to visit the doctor so that they can prescribe some antibiotics and other medication. What if they were natural remedies you can take to deal bacteria in your mouth, would you go for it? Studies have shown that some food have anti bacteria power. Taking onion for example, it is known to contains sulphur compounds that can kill bacteria.  Basil also have the same effect as it contains many essentials which are natural anti-biotic (Check out our article on basil). Garlic has also been known to have anti bacteria effects. After all has been said, it good to know that there there is no substitute for good cleaning habits so brush and floss often and don’t forget to use mouth wash.

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