Did you Know Pawpaw Seeds Are Chock-full of Healthy Goodness?

Most of you probably don’t know these interesting facts about papaya seeds, the reason you scoop out those little black seeds every time you serve yourself this succulent fruit. Papaya seeds are actually rich in fibre and they help regulate bowel movements, removing toxins from the body thus maintaining a healthy gut. The papain, a digestive enzyme found in Papaya seeds aids in digestion by breaking down fibres. It also heals the digestive tract. You have been complaining of constipation for some time now, try papaya seeds. They give you the relief that you so much needed. There are many potential health benefits for these seeds but for now let’s focus on getting yourself a health gut. A study conducted in India showed that dried papaya seeds mixed with honey had an effect on human internal parasite. (Kumar et al, 2017). Some studies also showed that these enzymes help prevent bacteria and parasites from multiplying. Let’s eat some papaya seeds!

By Lynette Simango


Kumar, N.S. and PS, S.D., 2017. The surprising health benefits of papaya seeds: A review. Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, 6(1), pp.424-429.

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