The Benefits of Black Jack (Mutsine) For Patients with Anemia

Iron supplements are the best medication to treat iron deficiency. As the name suggests, they help reverse low iron levels or treat iron deficiency anemia. Though the supplements produce quicker results that diet, you are sometimes advised to take some specific fruits and vegetables to help reverse a deficiency. For example, when it comes to vegetables, black jack (mutsine) has always been known as the miracle worker. It is used for dietary anemia and aiding blood flow thus increased oxygen flow to body organs. Instead of eating it as relish, some actually boils the leaves, strain the tea with a sieve before drinking it.  When it comes to fruits, water melons and oranges are easily accessible and are also known to be among the best to increase hemoglobin level. They are rich in Vitamins C and iron content which help in better absorption of iron. Fruits and vegetables work effectively but it is always advised to consult your doctor first before you embark on this journey to recovery!

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